Friday, February 10, 2012

In The Market for an American-made Vera Bradleyesque Bag

This school year it seems, these bags are ubiquitous at my high school. Instead of lugging books and notebooks in utilitarian backpacks, female students are sporting the sweet and sturdy bags. And my teaching colleagues buy Vera Bradley laptop cases. "You can wash them," they gush.

I'm not a trend follower and I am happy with the large blue leather bag into which my graded papers, my pencils and pens, and my post-it notes go as I travel from one classroom to another. But lately,  I've  have been longing for something prettier to schlep my work down crowded hallways between classes.  I'm watching other teachers walk by with their totebags patterned in Buttercup, Twirlie Birds Navy, and English Meadow.

I'm not the only one with affection for these patterns. Someone made a youtube homage to early Vera Bradley patterns.

Alas, I have discovered  the Fort Wayne-based company has been outsourcing their manufacturing for the past few years to China. And I really want to support American-made goods, especially when my yen for Vera Bradley products is truly an impulse, not a necessity.

I am not enough of a seamstress yet to make my own bag, but maybe I can find someone on Etsy who makes these bags. Any ideas? Here is the what I have found so far.


  1. I totally understand wanting some thing prettier... and not wanting to buy it because of where it is made, etc. Erica had a VB bag, but now it is so "last year!"

    Let us know what you find. I like both Etsy bags!

  2. how funny VB is so "last year" in her hs. It seems to be a growing trend at the hs I work at!

  3. I agree with Fran, it is so "last years". Coach and LV are the popular bags right now.

  4. Ha. Guess I am way behind the trends. As you can see, I am not a trend follower....