Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's New Year's Eve! Here's a Little Hilarity, Courtesy of our 12-year-old

Here is our youngest, our family extrovert, as he entertains his grandparents and cousins at a recent family gathering.

The boy is nearly always blurry in photos as he is always on the move.

This clip is about two minutes of what must have been about 90 minutes of nonstop dancing. You can hear one of my sister's voices throughout this clip and see his cousins taping him on their ipads.

Have safe and happy New Year's celebrations.


  1. LOL! I've heard that dance revolution game is really fun, but haven't done it yet.
    You're son is a great dancer!

  2. Thanks Sarah. The game system was an XBox, a new present for my nieces. The game is called "just dance 3."