Sunday, June 19, 2011

On Father's Day, Something I Just Have to Share

Webster Bull, who brought me into the blogging world, has written a moving tribute to his father.  

My father always smelled good. Rules of personal hygiene were the third tablet of his Commandments. Towel off methodically before exiting the shower. Brush until foam forms on your lips. Shave downward, re-lather, then repeat with upward strokes. And always rinse the sink, cupping and tossing the water with knobby hands, then brushing the last flecks of beard and suds toward the drain with the hairy backs of your fingers. Dad’s hands were the knobby, hairy ones. Mine are girlish by comparison.

My earliest memories of Dad include sitting on the toilet seat beside the sink and watching him perform his morning ablutions. In most of my memories today, in fact, I am watching him exhibit his power and grace.

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  1. Thanks for directing me to that beautiful tribute Allison.

  2. Julie: It just deserves a much wider audience. Such luminous writing, yes?

  3. That was lovely, Happy Fathers Day!

  4. Beautiful post, Allison. Thank you so much for sharing!